Buyers, buying prices, purchase prices | site rules

1. Every user of the site is asked to read these rules and follow them.
2. The site are designed to provide information about the companies (hereinafter – BUYERS), which operate in the buying sector, indicating the categories these companies buy in, purchase prices and other details of the legal entities.
3. The information on the site may be submitted / updated / edited by the companies’ representatives, who are registered and have their account created on the site, also, by the initiative of the administrator of the sites (hereinafter – Administrator).
4. The registration and account creation for the BUYERS is free on the Site.
5. Management / editing of the newly created account data is provided for free for the BUYER for 31 day since its creation.

5.1. After the end of the probation period (30 calendar days) the management / editing of the account for the Buyer is blocked and becomes activated only after the membership fee is paid to the site administrator account according upon provision of advance payment invoice (proforma invoice).
5.2. Membership fee is 99.22 Eur with VAT for 1 year period.
5.3. Upon receipt by the administrator of the payment for the membership, the payer is invoiced and this invoice is sent to the e-mail address provided by the BUYER, on demand the hard copy of the invoice can be sent by ordinary post.
5.4. Active period of account editing of one year is counted as of the day when the administrator activates BUYER‘s account editing tool.
5.5. Paid membership fee is non-refundable.

6. Individuals that provide information on the site ensure its accuracy.
7. The Buyer’s account creation on the initiative of the site is based on the conveying of information from the publicly available information of these same Buyers on their sites and in the absence of prohibition that information to convey.

7.1., while publishing information on its own initiative about the Buyers from their public space, does not edit the published information, does not change and is not responsible for the accuracy, correctness and legitimacy of it.

8. Administrator does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the Buyers, who created their accounts on the site.
9. Anyone using site information takes full responsibility for the consequences of the use of this information. The information about the Buyers can be checked in various other official sources of information.
10. The purchase prices that were published on the Sites are visible for the Sites visitors for unlimited amount of time.

10.1. If any entry on purchase prices not updated/edited within 30 days, the font color of the date for every such entry on the user‘s profile turns from black to red, which means that the system recommends updating the price information.
10.2. Upon expiration of 40-day term after the past updating/editing of the entry, all purchase price entries on the user’s profile are automatically removed.

11. The system compares the published purchase price with EUR rate, using Due to this, differences in prices in other currencies could occur after the changes in the exchange rate of the currency with EUR.
12. The administrator of the website adheres to the principle of fair business and has the right to edit information posted in the accounts of the customers without separate warning if it is suspected that purchase prices do not correspond to reality or are inaccurate. Price indications "from - to" are not permitted.

12.1. If the administrator considers that the purchase price is incorrect or inaccurate, it can be deleted and changed to 0 (zero price) or changed to a lower one in case of an inaccurate price.

13. On the site, it is prohibited: It is prohibited to present false, mistaken, offensive information, also, the information, which is the intellectual property of other individuals. In the case of violations, this information may be transferred to the state law institutions.
14. Administrator is not involved in any agreements between the BUYERS and the clients using their services.
15. A BUYERS, after creating his account and uploading information, from the moment of uploading commits to updating this information on his own, when it changes. If the user decides to stop updating information in his account, he has to inform of it the administrator of the portal via e-mail. The account of the user will be deleted within 3 working days. In such case the membership fee is not refunded.
16. It is prohibited to send advertising material using the tool installed on the Site, which is designed to contact companies via e-mails. Promotional messages may be blocked, in such case, they will not reach the addressee.
17. It is prohibited to copy the information on the Site without written permission of the Administrator.
18. The rules can be changed at any time without notification.
19. The BUYERS, who do not agree with these rules, and whom there was information uploaded on by the initiative of the Administrator, are asked to contact by e-mail to eliminate this information.
20. The latest change of the rules was carried out on 23rd of May, 2018.
21. For data adjustment, deletion and other issues, please, contact [email protected].
22. All requests, suggestions, complaints, messages are accepted here.