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Rules for website visitors and registered users

  1. Every user of the websites:,,,,,, ir site is asked to read these rules and follow them (hereinafter referred to in the Rules of the Website).
  2. The websites are designed to provide information about the companies (hereinafter – BUYERS), which operate in the buying sector, indicating the categories these companies buy in, purchase prices and other details of the legal entities.
  3. Users can submit / update / edit information on the websites and all website members can create profiles and accounts on their own initiative.
  4. User registration and creation on the websites is FREE OF CHARGE.
  5. The registered user can fill in and / or edit the information of the created profile free of charge for 31 days from the day of creating the profile.
    1. After 31 calendar days from the creation of the profile, the connection to the user area to the BUYER is blocked and activated only after paying the membership fee to the administrator's account according to the provided advance invoice (proforma invoice). All information posted by the user until then remains.
    2. The membership fee for consumers registered and operating in the Republic of Lithuania is equal to 99.22 EUR with VAT (ninety euros 22 ct.) For a period of 1 (one) year. The annual membership fee for users registered and operating abroad is EUR 99. VAT is not calculated for members operating outside the Republic of Lithuania. The fee may be adjusted by mutual agreement between the user and the site administrator.
    3. Upon receipt of the membership fee by the website administrator, an invoice will be issued to the payer and sent by e-mail specified by the BUYER.
    4. (one) year Profile editing period starts from the day when the site administrator activates the user's login to the site's user area.
    5. The paid membership fee is non-refundable. By paying the membership fee, the BUYER hereby confirms that he is familiar with these terms of use of the websites, has read and agrees to the service agreement provided by the website administrator and undertakes to comply with them.
  6. The person who provides the information on the website guarantee its accuracy.
  7. The creation of BUYERS 'profiles at the initiative of the website administrator means, that all information for creating a profile is taken from the public information published by the BUYERS themselves on their websites or other websites.
    1. The Website Administrator does not edit, change or be responsible for the accuracy, correctness and legality of the information published in the public space about the BUYER, the BUYER itself or other sources about the specific BUYER on its own initiative.
  8. The administrator of the website does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided by the BUYERS, who have created the profiles themselves on the website.
  9. Each visitor to the websites assumes full responsibility for the consequences of using this information. You can check the information about the BUYERS in other various official sources of information.
  10. Information published on user-created profiles on websites is visible to website visitors with no limit of time.
    1. If the price of the purchased position specified in the profiles is not updated and / or adjusted for more than 40 days, the system will automatically cancel the prices.
  11. The system compares the purchase price published in the profiles with the EUR exchange rate according to the exchange rate table provided by the website administrator on a regular basis. Therefore, price inaccuracies are possible due to changes in the ratio of a particular currency to the euro. Each time a visitor views a particular position, the system converts its price against the Euro, which allows for small errors and constant corrections to the non-Euro price.
  12. The administrator of the Website follows the principle of fair business and has the right to edit the information on the BUYERS 'profiles without separate notice, or separate parts thereof, if it is suspected that the reality of the purchase price is published or is inaccurate. Indication of prices "from - to" is not allowed.
    1. Editing method in that the administrator's much wrong or inaccurate purchase price can be deleted.
  13. It is prohibited to provide false, misleading, defamatory information on the Website, as well as information that is the intellectual property which belongs to others. In the event of violations, this information may be passed on to state law enforcement agencies.
  14. The administrator of the website is not involved in any transactions between the BUYERS and the customers using their services.
  15. The BUYER, who has created a profile on the website and posted the information from the moment of posting, undertakes to update it when it changes. If the user decides not to pay attention on updating the information in the account, he / she must notify the portal administrator by e-mail or The user's account will be canceled within 3 working days, in which case the membership fee paid by the BUYER will not be refunded.
  16. It is prohibited to send advertising material with the tool installed on the portal (if any), which is intended to contact companies by e-mail. by mail. Promotional emails may be blocked, in which case they will not reach the recipient.
  17. It is forbidden to copy the information of the websites without the written permission of the website administrator. Site information may be published on other sites without the consent of the site administrator, provided that a link to the original source is provided.
  18. The rules can be subjectively changed at any time without notice.
  19. BUYERS who do not agree with these rules and information about them has been entered on the website at the initiative of the website administrator, please notify us by e-mail. Email: or for cancellation.
  20. The rules were last amended in 2022 May 16th.
  21. For info clarification, deletion and other questions, please contact
  22. All requests, suggestions, complaints, notifications should be sent to or