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Social Media Marketing


Advertising opportunities
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1140 x 200 px
Large banner will deliver your message to every website visitor

We can to offer 4 online advertising groups

I. Local advertising according to user needs and location
Most effective way to reach your potential customer, offering something that is exactly what is necessary / needed by the user at that time

Car part store in user’s location where car batteries are sold, Car repair service, Car rent or taxi services

Financing services, credit/loan offering, Investment opportunities,
Precious metals accessories and jewellery

New and used car sale, Car rent and repair services, Car leasing

Computer stores in user’s location and ongoing promotions, Computer repair services

Home appliance and electronics stores in user’s city and ingoing promotions (option to apply filter per product category – refrigerators, TV sets, washing machines etc.),
Power tool sale, promotions, rent
Home appliances and electronics repair service

Phone sale and ongoing promotions in this product group, Phone accessories and gadgets, Mobile networking or internet services, Mobile phone repair services

Production and/or sale of industrial equipment, tools and machinery, Metal work services

II. Local advertising according to user location
Effective way to communicate your message to a customer in your town

Useful to advertise:
Events in the location of the user, Ongoing promotions in cafes, restaurants and retail stores in the location of the user,
Active services from city service sector and ongoing promotions.

III. Territorial/national advertising
Advertising groups designed for a wider audience on a national level without a specific need of a user

Optimal advertising focus:
Sport / cultural events taking place in the country, Advertising regular and / or new goods, products or services

IV. International advertising
Advertising group designed for introduction of your goods, products or services to the audience in other countries (with option to filter specific locations and countries)

The price for advertising services: 5 € per 1000 views

You have to send us your banner to: [email protected]

We reserve the right not to publish advertising banners.

More information

E-mail: [email protected]